Frequent Questions and Answers:

What is the recommended amount of insulation you should have in your attic?

Code is R38 14 ½” so at least this Amount if not up to 18 to 20.

What effects does Proper /Improper Air Flow in the attic have?

Mold/Moisture builds up and decreases effects and efficiency of the correct depth.

How long does it take to recoup cost for adding additional insulation or upgrading the insulation?

Each situation is different of course, however with fuel cost what they are, those years are decreasing. There are Energy People that can help you.

What is the difference between Open Cell and Closed Cell Spray foam?

The most important difference is the R-Value per Inch. Each brand of foam can vary but typically Open Cell Foam is R3.6 per inch. Closed Cell Foam(2#) is R6.7 per inch. Closed Cell being a little more expensive.

What are the benefits of adding extra insulation?

There are four major benefits to adding extra insulation.

  1. Increased comfort in the home
  2. Lower heating bills
  3. Lower cooling bills
  4. Improved sound control

Do you guarantee your work?

St. Croix Insulation stands behind the philosophy that great service brings repeat business. We stand behind all work and guarantee your satisfaction.

Does St. Croix Insulation remove old insulation?

Yes, we will work with you to remove old insulation both blown and blanket forms. Contact us for estimate.

Will St. Croix Insulation do jobs outside the St. Croix River valley?

Yes, we offer our services anywhere within a 100 mile radius.

Can you help me obtain an Energy Star rating for a new home?

St. Croix has insulated many Energy Star homes and will work with you to help you qualify.

If I want to add insulation to my attic should I remove the insulation that is already present?

Every case is different but in most cases you don’t need to remove the insulation that is already there. You can simply add more, we recommend contractor-installed blow-in insulation for a more uniform coverage.

Can interior walls be insulated to reduce noise pollution?

Yes, St. Croix Insulation can blow insulation into existing interior walls to help reduce noise in your home and increase R-Value.

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